#My5Faves in the Nursery

As you do for a first child, my husband and I had fun decorating our daughter’s nursery before she was born. As it turns out, it was a waste of time as she’s never slept in there. Not once. Nor do we play in there. Actually all we really use it for is to store her clothes in the chest of drawers. We’ve even moved her cot out into our room (not that we use that either). I can tell you, our second child will not be having a nursery!

I still love the room and so decided to take on Mumzilla’s challenge and tell you about some of my favourite things. If it won’t be used in real life I may as well show it off here instead!

So, without further ado, here are 5 of my favourite things in my daughter’s never-before-used nursery.

1. This gallery wall


This wall is my favourite feature of the room.  Turns out that I love it more than the polka-dot wall which took about one hundred times as long to create.  (Seriously, who knew there was so much maths involved in decorating a room! My husband is a painter and decorator, but I take full credit for that wall! It’s all in the planning!)

The picture in the middle frame is actually a card I received from a friend after Lilly was born. I loved the words so decided to frame it.

“It’s amazing how one little girl can change your whole world”

The other images are free printables that I downloaded from Pinterest.  The antlers are a Christmas decoration that I spray-painted gold to match the theme. My plan was to use them as a headband holder like this:

Gold Antlers for Holding Hair Bows - what a rustic, yet chic look in a baby girl nursery!:

… but it turns out I don’t like headbands on babies.

I love the wall because it’s simple, but elegant. I didn’t want anything too babyish and I think this will grow with Lilly.

2. All. The. Cardigans. And the blankets.

This pile is only about half of the cardigans. There are THAT many.

My Grandma started knitting as soon as she found out I was pregnant. She didn’t know the sex so started with gender-neutral colours. By the time Lilly was born she had knitted half a suitcase full of jumpers, cardigans and blankets. She brought them over when she visited from the UK. She also carried on knitting when she got home and we’d have regular deliveries of special knitted goods. I didn’t buy a single jumper for Lilly during her first winter and probably won’t need to next year either!

There are a lot of cardigans here, but they were made with so much love. My Grandma sent a little handwritten note with each one that she posted. “Getting bigger.” “Won’t be long till this one fits.”

I don’t like ‘stuff’, but I will keep the cardigans and I have kept the notes. My Grandma has SO much love for Lilly and I want to make sure Lilly knows that when she is older.

3. These teddies


If you know me, you know I don’t like soft toys. I banned politely asked my friends and family not to buy soft toys for Lilly.  There are a few exceptions to this rule and these are one of them. These were all made for Lilly by my best friend’s nan. She also made us a white version as a wedding gift, so we have a little collection which is growing as our family grows.  I love them because they were made with love and care, especially for Lilly.  These are so much more special than a shop-bought soft toy.

4. Ditsy the rocking horse


Not only does she look good, I’m sure she’ll provide some entertainment for Lilly when she is bigger.

5. Custom name sweet heart


I bought this from Love Letters By Tillie. I can picture it hanging on Lilly’s door (when she eventually if she ever moves into her own room). I just think it is adorable. I want her sister to have a matching one (If she has one. Let’s hope).

Thanks for the challenge, Sarah. It was fun! I might pick another room and go again!




  1. mumzilla | 19th Nov 16

    I love it! Those antlers are ace, I want some for my own house! Thanks so much for doing the challenge 😀

    • Lucy's Locket | 19th Nov 16

      Thanks! It was fun! I got them in the Christmas section last year, keep an eye out 🙂

  2. Mummy Times Two | 19th Nov 16

    What a beautiful nursery and I love that rocking horse. I so feel you though about not using the nursery or the cot. Ours gets used between 6.30 and 11.30 in the evening after that I give up and our bed becomes the ‘cot’.

    • Lucy's Locket | 19th Nov 16

      Thank you. I don’t think I actually thought it through properly before we set it all up as I knew she’d be in our room, so I should also have realised we wouldn’t use it! Never mind, I still love the room ????

  3. The Pramshed | 20th Nov 16

    Such a shame that you’ve not been able to use the nursery yet, I hope that doesn’t mean you’ve had many sleepless nights? You have so many nice things in the nursery, and I really like the card that you’ve framed. It is such a nice way to keep kindness from others close to you. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

    • Lucy's Locket | 20th Nov 16

      We had a bassinet in our room to start with and now we co-sleep. It’s easier with breastfeeding through the night especially as I’m working. Plus I love the cuddles ????

  4. clairejustine | 20th Nov 16

    Beautiful nursery! I use to love all my babies wearing home made cardigans, aww brings back memories 🙂

  5. serenityyou | 20th Nov 16

    I love that rocking horse, so sweet. But I also like the gold spots on the wall. so pretty #KCACOLS

    • Lucy's Locket | 20th Nov 16

      Thank you. I do love the gold dots. They took HOURS to do when you count all the measuring and planning I did to get it even!

  6. Mumma & Co. | 21st Nov 16

    Oh what a beautiful nursery! We to use our daughters bedroom as a storage room at the moment and we’re not even close to moving her in there just yet. #KCACOLS xx

    • Lucy's Locket | 21st Nov 16

      Thank you ???? I don’t think we’re close either. I’ll probably want to redecorate by time it’s time to move her in!

  7. RawChildhood | 21st Nov 16

    I completely get you. We didn’t even decorate Leo’s room because I knew I wanted to cosleep so we literally had his clothes stored in there too. We are still room sharing now and he’s 3 but I have half decorated his room and he chooses things to go in it for when he feels ready to make the step into his own room. We are still cosleeping with Mylo and he’s 1. I wouldn’t change it for the world and I love waking up with them both because let’s face it, one day they won’t want us ‘cramping their style’ one day so make the most of it now! I live the nursery you have and that rocking horse is to die for I love it! Thank you for linking up to #prettyraw and I hope to see you next week ????

    • Lucy's Locket | 21st Nov 16

      We had a cosleeper bassinet but now she’s just in bed with us. If I’d have known we’d do that I wouldn’t have bothered decorating either! I love cosleeping too. I like that Leo is setting up his room bit by bit for when he feels ready to move. I think we’ll end up doing something similar.
      Thanks for hosting ????

  8. Tee ???? | 21st Nov 16

    Oh this is gorgeous! I love that rocking horse. We are the same with our Little One, we just use his room for storage! #EatSleepBlogRT

    • Lucy's Locket | 21st Nov 16

      Thank you! Who knows if she’ll actually play with it, but it looks good!

  9. The Queen of Collage | 22nd Nov 16

    Her nursery is beautiful. Thank you for letting us have a look around. #KCACOLS

  10. Topfivemum | 22nd Nov 16

    this room is beautiful!! If Lilly doesn’t use it, can I move in?? I also had fun putting together my daughter’s nursery, but of course I had the time to do it before she came along. We only have two bedrooms so when our second was born, even if we DID have a nursery room for him, it would probably be literally just a cot. Poor second baby LOL. Good job he’s in with us. Probably until he’s a teenager, unless we move!

    • Lucy's Locket | 22nd Nov 16

      Thanks! I do love it. Poor second baby! haha Ours will be the same tho. I won’t even bother with the cot, he/she will be in with us!

  11. prettyinplaydough | 22nd Nov 16

    How does your room look so pristine, like something from a magazine? It’s absolutely perfect. we also have handknitted cardigans (don’t put them in the tumble dryer – I learnt the hard way!) and they are the most perfect things. #prettyraw

    • Lucy's Locket | 23rd Nov 16

      Thank you. It’s because it was never used ????
      Oh no did yours go in the dryer? 🙁

  12. After the Playground (@DrSharonParry1) | 22nd Nov 16

    Such a gorgeous nursery. The pile of cardigans is so sweet. Hope your little one enjoys it when she gets in there. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  13. oursweetviolet | 23rd Nov 16

    I love love love the custom sweetheart name! I may get one for Violet! Xxx

    • Lucy's Locket | 23rd Nov 16

      Gorgeous isn’t it! They have different styles and colours too. 🙂

  14. Sunita | 26th Nov 16

    I’m in love with the gold dots!!!! What a gorgeous nursery. Also love that you’ve framed one of the new baby cards, lovely touch #fortheloveofBLOG

    • Lucy's Locket | 26th Nov 16

      Thank you ???? I do love the dots too (you’d hope so, they took FOREVER!!)

  15. Petite Pudding (@petite_pudding) | 26th Nov 16

    Wow what a stunning nursery – love ditsy the horse and the feature gallery wall. I need a headband holder, not because I love the Pudding wheres headbands but she has so much hair they are actually a necessity! #eatsleepblogrt

    • Lucy's Locket | 26th Nov 16

      Thank you! I can see Lilly might need them one day too. She doesn’t have much hair yet but it will grow to that in between stage where it can’t be tied up but is too long and in her eyes! Check Pinterest, they have some lovely ideas ????

  16. mackenzieglanville | 27th Nov 16

    I love the name by love letters by Tillie I love her designs. That rocking horse is so cute!!!!!! Everything is gorgeous xx

    • Lucy's Locket | 27th Nov 16

      I love them too. I’m sure I will be back for more! Thank you 🙂 x

  17. newindiemom | 31st Dec 16

    I love it! I’m having a boy so not so much I can do with the clothes option but I did do a mix of Harry Potter and elephants that I posted for all to see the glory of lol. Thank you for posting this!

    • Lucy's Locket | 31st Dec 16

      Sounds nice, I’ll go and check it out ????????


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