Taking your baby to work: Benefits for the Boss  

The two most common responses I get when I tell people I take my baby to work are:

  1. My boss would never let me do that!
  2. How do you get any work done?

This post is my answer to the first response. Taking your baby to work not only benefits you and your baby, it benefits your employer too. Here’s how.

Employers can retain key staff

Having a baby doesn’t mean a woman loses her professional skills. Many women hold key positions in organisations and can be difficult to replace. Not only that, companies may not want to replace them! Why replace employees when you can retain them!

No need to recruit temporary staff

Recruiting staff is a costly exercise. Not only is there the expense of advertising a position and paying an additional salary, but a huge amount of time goes into recruiting. Reading applications, interviewing, training and down time while learning all take time and cost money.  The US Parenting in the Workplace Institute estimates that replacement costs of one employee can be up to 60% of their annual salary.

Women may return to work faster

I returned to work within weeks of my daughter’s birth and I can say without a doubt that I wouldn’t have done so if I couldn’t take her with me. The first weeks and months of a baby’s life are crucial for bonding and forming an attachment with his or her parents.  Given the choice, most parents will not forsake this crucial time.


Running a successful business is about more than making a good profit. It’s also about building a culture, preferably one with a broader purpose and mission. Babies at work policies remind us that staff are human and that they have lives outside of the office. Companies who are flexible and give a little to their employees are more likely to see the goodwill returned.

Office morale

Who doesn’t love a baby! Even if my colleagues aren’t directly benefiting from me taking my daughter to work, they are part of the flexible and supportive culture.  Taking my daughter to work helps to foster a sense of morale and teamwork.  My colleagues help me with my daughter when I need a hand and I help them where I can too.  All of my colleagues have said that they love having my daughter in the office. One colleague even says that her presence helps her to feel calm!



  1. Mummytodex | 8th Dec 16

    I think it’s fantastic that you can take Lilly to work with you! What happens when you have a meeting with a client? I can imagine it’s easy in the first few weeks when all they do is sleep but I bet it would be incredibly difficult if your baby was one of the fussy ones. Dexter would be a great baby to take to work but it would never work in my workplace unfortunately. My customers and staff didn’t even show any compassion when I was pregnant. I rarely got time to take a break and was always interrupted when I did. This massively contributed to me going off sick at 21 weeks pregnant and not returning. I will be going back in may and hope my employer will be flexible with my hours.

    • Lucy's Locket | 8th Dec 16

      She’s either slept in her pram in my office, slept in the baby carrier and come in with me, come in and played on the floor with her toys or if it’s a short meeting stayed with my colleagues. If I can’t make it work my boss sees my clients for me. He is fantastic!
      You’re totally right – it wouldn’t work for every baby and it’s getting harder the older she gets. We’re still ok for now, but I have to carefully choose what work to do when and I do a lot from home while she’s in bed.
      That’s such a shame that your workplace weren’t supportive. Their staff would be so much more loyal if they showed an interest in you as people not just in getting the job done! Good luck when you do return.

  2. Chilli Regina | 8th Dec 16

    I agree with you, taking baby to work can benefit both, the mother and the employer, as new staff isn’t necessary.. Still, you have such an amazing little girl and she behaves so well, so my guess is, that the mothers should also consider if their child could indure this kind of routine or not. Forcing something on the other hand, doesn’t help anyone..I think Lily will be CEO at the age of 10!;)) #abloggingoodtime

    • Lucy's Locket | 8th Dec 16

      You’re absolutely right. It’s not for every parent/career OR every child. Every baby is different. If Lilly wasn’t happy I definitely wouldn’t be taking her! I don’t take her every day as it’s too much and I don’t want her to spend every day in the office!
      Haha my colleagues joke that her first word will be ‘lawyer’ ????

  3. Michelle G | 8th Dec 16

    I love that you take your baby to work! Employers should recognise that mothers don’t cease to be fantastic employees when they have babies and meeting their needs is so important. I am lucky to benefit from a great flexible working culture which means I feel empowered and supported to work – but I know a lot of women do not have a similarly positive experience. great post 🙂 #sharingthebloglove

    • Lucy's Locket | 8th Dec 16

      That’s exactly it! I’m glad you have a flexible working culture too. It makes all the difference doesn’t it.

  4. Selena, The Rambler | 8th Dec 16

    It’s a shame that all companies aren’t able to implement some sort of in house childcare to help parents. I’ve been in both places, the mom staring at the clock needing to leave to make a pick up in time and the manager that’s lost great talented staff members due to not finding proper care. Glad you have a boss that is fully supportive =) #SharingTheBlogLove

    • Lucy's Locket | 10th Dec 16

      Thank you. It makes all the difference. He is a parent too so it helps that, like you, he can see it from both perspectives

  5. An Imperfect Mum (@animperfectmum) | 9th Dec 16

    How amazing that you are able to do this. I am sure many mothers would love to have this option too. I know I would have loved it but it would not be practical as I am a teacher. It would have been great to have a nursery at my work place or close to it! Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime ????

    • Lucy's Locket | 10th Dec 16

      In-house nursery is a great option too. It’s so worthwhile for workplaces with multiple parents.

  6. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons | 10th Dec 16

    What a wonderful setup for you! I think it depends on the workplace and the baby (I could never have done this with mine – he was a huge crier and a velcro baby!), but there are definitely huge benefits for the employer as well as the employee in adopting a more flexible approach. I took a whole year off for maternity leave, but I definitely think I would have gone back sooner if this had been an option. As it was, they wouldn’t even consider part time, so it wasn’t a job I ended up going back to! Thanks for joining us again at #SharingtheBlogLove

    • Lucy's Locket | 10th Dec 16

      What a shame that they wouldn’t try and make things work with you. I feel so passionate about this. I wish more employers would see that there is still so much in it for them, even if we’re not there every day and we work part time.

  7. Rachel Stewart | 10th Dec 16

    I used to take my baby to work – admittedly working in childcare, so it was obviously a very child-friendly space. But started when he was 6 months so at first he was on me quite often, like in a baby carrier. I used to do like dance along action things with the toddler/older kids to put him to sleep. lol.

    But a friend who works in the head office of a large company they get something like 6 months maternity leave, then they have onsite childcare. So she could breastfeed baby, or go see baby during the day etc. It worked really well. I think for her second child she worked from home part time as well.

    • Lucy's Locket | 18th Dec 16

      haha that sounds like fun! On-site child care works well for big companies. It’s a great initiative.

  8. Eva @ www.treehutvillage.com.au | 11th Dec 16

    Hello I definitely agree with you but I also think that it is quite progressive of a company to do that. I hope it gets publicised more and we can have at least childcare on site to make the morning and evening pick-ups easier..

  9. Lauren | 11th Dec 16

    That’s so great you take your daughter to work! I completely agree with all of your points. I returned to work when my son was 6 weeks old. My husband stopped working to care for our son, but he came into work every day to breastfeed. Everyone in the office loved seeing him come in!

    • Lucy's Locket | 11th Dec 16

      Fantastic that your hubby could bring your son to work so you could continue to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is so important and one of the big barriers that prevents women returning to work. Glad you made it work and that your employer was supportive too.

  10. oddhogg | 12th Dec 16

    I think it is a great idea if you can make it work. I was in a completely open plan office and I don’t think it would have been a great idea for us – nothing like disturbing 100odd people with a cry haha. But in the right office it would be fab #bigpinklink

    • Lucy's Locket | 12th Dec 16

      I am slightly spoilt and have a desk in the open plan office and my own office too. Open plan is better than you’d imagine – there are lots of people to entertain the baby! – but it doesn’t work so well when the baby is unhappy.

  11. tinmccarthy | 12th Dec 16

    You are very lucky that this all worked out so well!


  12. justsayingmum (@justsayingmum) | 13th Dec 16

    Oh I think is absolutely fabulous and yes yes yes! Oh this really should be the way forward with more workplaces – how amazing that you were able to balance such a career with motherhood! #BigPinkLink

    • Lucy's Locket | 13th Dec 16

      Thank you. I hope this is the way forward too!

  13. Laura (@dearbearandbean) | 13th Dec 16

    It sounds like you have something that is working for you, your baby and your employer. I do think that employers need to help parents get back to work, I hear so many times that people have had to quit jobs because they are not accommodating. You are definitely in the minority, sadly. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x

    • Lucy's Locket | 13th Dec 16

      Unfortunately I think I am in the minority. It’s such a shame. I hope this changes.

  14. pinkpearbear | 15th Dec 16

    I found it so amazing when I first read your story, and thought it was so wonderful! What a brilliant company you work for. Thanks so much for joining us at the #bigpinklink and Merry Christmas from all the team!

    • Lucy's Locket | 15th Dec 16

      Oh thank you. It is a great company. I’m proud to be part of it. Merry Christmas to you all too xx

  15. Petite Pudding (@petite_pudding) | 17th Dec 16

    I love that you can take your little one to work – there are definitely benefits for both you and your employer. I wish I had this option available! #eatsleepblogrt

  16. The Mum Project | 18th Dec 16

    Wow this is amazing! Who would have thought there would be so many benefits to having a baby in the office. I think when you initially here this you think of all the negative things a baby would bring. This post is fantastic, loving your blog! Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging!

    • The Mum Project | 18th Dec 16


    • Lucy's Locket | 18th Dec 16

      You’re right, and I did too before I started taking Lilly with me. My boss suggested it and my response was “no, and office is no place for a baby!” But actually an office is fine for a baby! Maybe not for a toddler, but baby, yes!

  17. Hannah G, The 'Ordinary' Mum | 19th Dec 16

    Wow! Thats incredible that you’re able to take Lilly to work with you, I bet she loves it too. Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink x

    • Lucy's Locket | 19th Dec 16

      She does! She is very happy and seems to enjoy seeing my colleagues too ????


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