Christmas traditions for families

I’ve been reading about lots of fun Christmas traditions and have made a mental note to remember them for the years to come when our daughter is older (she will only be 9 months old this Christmas). Instead of relying on my memory I thought I’d collect these ideas in this post so I can not only save them, but share them with you too!  Here are the Christmas traditions I’m loving.

Christmas book advent calendar


I love reading to our daughter, so Me & B Make Tea’s Christmas Book Advent Calendar is right up my alley!  The books don’t have to be new. You can wrap books you already own or buy second-hand books from charity shops.

Advent activities


There are some great printable advent activity calendars around. I love the idea of doing something festive on each day of the countdown to Christmas!  Some examples include:

  • Making Christmas cards
  • Baking Christmas cookies
  • Making snowflakes
  • Writing a letter to Santa
  • Making snowmen
  • Making a snowglobe
  • Dancing to Christmas songs
  • Watching Christmas movies

Christmas Eve box


My parents always gave us Christmas Eve presents as a child and this is one tradition I want to start with my own children. The typical gifts to be included in a Christmas Eve box are:

  • Pyjamas
  • Christmas themed DVD
  • Sweet treats to eat while watching the DVD
  • Book. We never wanted to sleep on Christmas Eve, so mum sent us to bed with our new books and told us to read until we fell asleep!

DIY salt dough tree decorations


I got quite excited when I saw The UnNatural Mother’s post about salt dough tree decorations. It brought back memories of making my own salt dough decorations as a kid.

Wouldn’t it be nice to make a decoration each year as a keepsake.  I may even start this tradition this year with some handprint ornaments.

Carols by candlelight


Our local carols by candlelight are held about a week before Christmas. It finishes with a huge fireworks show. I go every year and it always gets me in the festive spirit!

Donating toys

I like the idea of my children leaving some of their toys under the Christmas tree for Santa to take to less fortunate children, or donating them to charity before Christmas. This will teach the importance of giving but without having a money focus.

I’d love some more to add to this list. What are your Christmas traditions?



  1. mama cat + baby bee (@mamacatbabybee) | 5th Dec 16

    My daughter is also too young to really do any christmas traditions with but like you most of these are on my list to start. This year I’ve done a reverse advent, where we put a food item in a box each day and then on Christmas Eve it will go to a food bank. #madaboutblog

    • Lucy's Locket | 6th Dec 16

      That’s a lovely idea. I’d like to incorporate some giving as well as receiving.

  2. Emma | 6th Dec 16

    thank you so much for including the book advent calendar : ) I really want to do some salt dough with my son too and I love the Christmas eve boxes. and you’ve reminded me to donate some toys to our nursery – they will give them to some local charities for children this week xx

    • Lucy's Locket | 6th Dec 16

      I loved the idea! I’ll definitely be doing that one next year.
      I remember making salt dough as a kid so it will be fun to do it with my daughter. Christmas is such a magical time with little ones! xx

      • Emma | 6th Dec 16

        I still have my salt dough ornaments I made with my mum hehe !

  3. Fi | 6th Dec 16

    Love the book advent calendar! Can’t wait to start it this year (although late!) with my little boy for his first Christmas 😀

    • Lucy's Locket | 6th Dec 16

      It’s great isn’t it! I’d like to build up a collection of Christmas books over the years to use for the advent

  4. Heather Keet | 6th Dec 16

    We do the Christmas Eve box in our family! #DreamTeam

  5. Rhyming with Wine | 6th Dec 16

    We love the Chistmas Eve box in our house, and we’ve made salt dough decorations with finger or hand prints each year. So far they have survived and we still have a big one from a couple of years ago which I keep on display all year round with their two tiny handprints. Christmas is definitely a time for family traditions. Thanks for linking up with #DreamTeam x

    • Lucy's Locket | 6th Dec 16

      I want to start the tradition with hand print ones this year ????

  6. The Rambler | 7th Dec 16

    I kept saying…yes, yes, yes to all these traditions =) I’m just recently a stay at home mom and finding myself wanting to recreate the holiday traditions my mother made sure we enjoyed growing up as well. I’m thinking next year I’m going to do the book advent calendar. Thanks for visiting me as well =) #madaboutblog

  7. Lisa@IntoTheGlade | 7th Dec 16

    I have a post planned about it but, my daughters both sign the pillow case that they are leaving out for Santa. The eldest is 21 and the youngest is 13, we now have a cool record of how they have written their names over the years. they both started with a little scribble and now there is a fully blown signature,they are fab. The fairies also leave a present under the tree with PJs, slippers and a dvd. I love the Advent books ideas too and salt dough hand prints would be a great present xx #mg

    • Lucy's Locket | 7th Dec 16

      Signing the pillow case is a cute idea. I bet they love looking back at them each year too. Hopefully I’ll catch your post and read more ????????

  8. Mummy Times Two | 8th Dec 16

    I love this post. Blogging has given me so many new ideas for Christmas traditions I want to start. This year we’re going to have our. Dry first Christmas Eve box.

    • Lucy's Locket | 8th Dec 16

      I wasn’t going to do any because our daughter is so young but I think I’m being a bore! We can still do salt dough prints and an Xmas eve box, I’ll just fill it with things for hubby and I ????


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