Create your ‘Family Fun List’

When you lead a busy life it’s important not just to make time for leisure, but to use your leisure time doing things you love doing.  When we do have spare time we’re often unprepared and end up wasting it.

One of my favourite ideas from Laura Vanderkam’s book I Know How She Does It was a San Diego mum’s idea of a Family Fun List.  Her family of four each contributed three activities to the Family Fun List and they scheduled one each month.

The activities don’t have to be time consuming or expensive. Including the whole family in the planning not only brings you all together but also ensures that the family do activities that meet everyone’s interests. Planning the activities keeps you accountable and means you won’t lack any weekend ideas.

January is the ideal time to sit down with your family and create your Family Fun List.  Aim for one per month or fortnight and split them up between the family.

Some ideas for Family Fun include:

  • day at the beach
  • bike riding adventure
  • trip to a theme park
  • family picnic at the local park
  • visit family overseas/interstate/in a different town
  • teddy bear picnic at home
  • bushwalking
  • ice skating
  • archery
  • watching a show at the theatre
  • family holiday overseas
  • go bowling
  • visit the zoo or aquarium
  • visit a local museum
  • camping
  • arts and crafts day together
  • make your own pizzas and watch a movie
  • hiking
  • fishing

Don’t forget to write your list down. Stick it to the fridge and make sure you schedule the activities!


  1. Hayley@MissionMindfulness | 3rd Jan 17

    Oooo I love this idea! Will be composing one of these this weekend with my fam. Thanks for the idea. xx

    • Lucy's Locket | 3rd Jan 17

      I did the same as soon as I read about it ???? enjoy x

  2. themotherhub | 5th Jan 17

    i think writing down a list of favourite activities is a really good idea. We often end up doing the same things over and over, just through lack of thought, but if we had it written down we’d remember to do more! #stayclassymama

  3. mummymiller | 7th Jan 17

    This sounds like a great idea! Thanks for sharing Lucy x

  4. Sarah Aslett | 8th Jan 17

    Yep totally agree with this list – I can’t wait for the better weather! Just being able to be outside to the park or seaside is the best #stayclassymama

  5. kristin mccarthy | 13th Mar 17

    First- LOVE your logo.

    and yes- great bucket list Sometimes you gotta write it out and check things off right?

  6. Helena | 14th Mar 17

    This is a great idea. One for when the little ones are older. #globalblogging,

    • Lucy | Leaning In | 17th Mar 17

      You can do it when they’re younger too and you get to choose all the activities!

  7. Steph D | 14th Mar 17

    What a fab idea, we are forever sat on a saturday morning or late friday evening trying to decide on something worthwhile to do! #globalblogging

  8. Michelle Goodwin | 14th Mar 17

    Such a brilliant idea. I will write a list with the help of the kids at the weekend #globalblogging

  9. One Messy Mama | 16th Mar 17

    This looks like such a fun list!!! I can’t wait to write one, but I will wait until the baby is born. Right now I just want to climb into bed and sleep all day. 🙂 I could do with a day at the beach! #globalblogging

    • Lucy | Leaning In | 17th Mar 17

      You deserve a day in bed! You can’t have long left. I won’t say relax because that would be close to impossible with four children! All the best x


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