A letter to the stranger I met on the train

Dear Stranger,

It was so lovely to chat with you today. Thank you for sharing a little snippet of your life.

I enjoyed talking about how you were running late as you’d forgotten to set your alarm, having turned it off for the public holiday. How you rushed to get your children ready. How your son pooped without his nappy on, resulting in an emergency bath when you were already late (typical!). About co-sleeping; breast feeding, your difficulties with day care.  How you accidentally burnt down your kitchen!

But what stood out the most for me was that, among all the chaos, you made a conscious decision to let it go.  You were late anyway, there was no point being both late and stressed.

What I didn’t tell you was that, although it was only 8:30AM, I was already having one of ‘those’ days. I’m usually quite good at ignoring the little hiccups and going with the flow, but my usual positive attitude can be torn apart in seconds when a lack of sleep catches up with me. I would have quite enjoyed some extra sleep this morning, but Lilly had other plans.

I walked to my parents’ house at 7:30AM in an attempt to get my daughter to sleep. She was already tired, having woken up far too early. That plan failed and we arrived with tears of exhaustion. My dad greeted me by saying ‘I heard you’ve been grumpy.’ Thanks dad. ‘Are you ok?’ might have been a nicer way to start the day.

But your positive attitude reminded me to check in on mine. In reality, my day wasn’t so bad.  It was 8:30AM. I’d already played with my daughter and had a nice morning walk. I still had the whole day ahead of me.  I could easily have spent the day feeling grumpy; but you turned that around for me.

Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone in this chaos.

The little things do matter, but, as always, it is how we look a them that matters most.

I hope I see you again. You seem like my kind of person.




  1. Lisa Pomerantz | 20th Oct 16

    So many of us working in parallel — nice to have shared. Lovely piece. #GlobalBlogging

  2. One Messy Mama | 20th Oct 16

    Loved this! I think I fall pray to being grumpy when my morning hasn’t gone as it should. Its nice to be reminded, “Oh well, such is life” nothing you can do about it and put that smile back on your face! A great reminder! Thanks for linking up with #GlobalBlogging Hope to see you next week!

    • Lucy's Locket | 21st Oct 16

      I try my best not to let it get on top of me, but sometimes I need a reminder! Thank you! It’s been fun. I’ll be back next week

  3. mackenzieglanville | 21st Oct 16

    This is so lovely, I think we are all living in similar worlds but we are so wrapped in our own we don’t realise that so many can relate to what we are going through xx #globalblogging

    • Lucy's Locket | 24th Oct 16

      Yes! Well put! Thanks for reading

      • mackenzieglanville | 27th Oct 16

        thank you for sharing this on #mg too Have a lovely week xx

  4. Nicole | 22nd Oct 16

    I needed to read this! Wonderful. We all have bad days and very bad days and bad nights, but it too shall pass. Easy to say, difficult to practice but this post will serve as that reminder. Cheers!

    • Lucy's Locket | 22nd Oct 16

      Everything is just a phase! Thanks for visiting Nicole.

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  6. The Mum Project | 24th Oct 16

    Aw I love this! I think this is why it’s so great being a mum, you can relate on such a deep level even in a five minute train conversation : ). Sounds like she helped you start off the day a little better, I can totally relate to not feeling yourself when you don’t have sleep! Thanks so much for sharing with #GlobalBlogging!

    • Lucy's Locket | 24th Oct 16

      It’s so true! I used to just get on the train and read my book, but whenever I have my daughter with me I always end up chatting to someone.
      Thanks for reading 🙂

  7. Lisa Pomerantz | 27th Oct 16

    Still loving this post from #mg <3

  8. ohprettycity | 27th Oct 16

    Lovely that you connected in that short space of time and also a reminder that we never know what people are going through in life (unless they tell you it all on the train!) 🙂 #kcacols

    • Lucy's Locket | 27th Oct 16

      Haha it did feel a bit like she told me her whole life story! Thanks for reading

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  10. Winnettes | 27th Oct 16

    This is a lovely letter. It’s amazing how strangers can be the ones to make such a huge difference to us sometimes.

  11. mummymiller | 28th Oct 16

    Lovely piece, strangers are often the ones who help change your outlook on the day #KCACOLS

  12. madelinelittlejohns | 28th Oct 16

    What a lovely post. It’s so nice to think that those simple conversations with strangers can really have an impact on them. x #KCACOLS

  13. The Speed Bump | 28th Oct 16

    Sounds like you met a lovely person, this is a lovely letter to them! #KCACOLS

  14. alifeinpracticeblog.com | 28th Oct 16

    Such a lovely post! It’s so great when we find kindred spirits and can find someone or something to help us reset and start the day over, that person was fab xx #kcacols

  15. Tracey Bowden | 29th Oct 16

    Such a lovely letter, it’s so easy to let the little things get to you early in the morning when it’s all going wrong isn’t it! I know I can get really stressed if I’m having a rough morning.
    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

    • Lucy's Locket | 29th Oct 16

      A bad morning can set the tone for the day. I will do, thank you ????

  16. Now I am mum | 29th Oct 16

    I love random chats with strangers on trains… so often a different perspective on the world to your own and makes the journey go so much quicker! #kcacols

    • Lucy's Locket | 29th Oct 16

      Me too. I always look around and most people are on their phones or reading books, but whenever I have my daughter with me someone usually takes the time to talk to us. It’s nice. Thanks for reading

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