Give yourself time to be you

At my baby shower my friends bought a wish jar and asked everyone to write a wish for my baby and I. There were lots of wishes of health and happiness, but it is this wish that stood out the most to me and the one which really struck a chord:


‘I wish that you remember who you are + give yourself time to be you! Keep happy beautiful’

I keep this wish as a reminder to look after myself. We mums must not forget the importance of our own physical and mental health.

We’re often so busy looking after everyone else – taking care of children, keeping the household running, keeping on top of our careers, being sure to keep in touch with family and friends so as not to upset anyone – that we forget to take care of ourselves or neglect to make time to do the things we enjoy.

We must put our own oxygen mask on first. If we don’t, sooner or later everyone else will go down with us.


  1. Sarah Aslett @ Admissions Of A Working Mother | 25th Oct 16

    Thats lovely, must be a good friend of yours! And so true as well #stayclassymama

  2. Bee | Better than busy | 27th Oct 16

    Obviously from a mum! Remembering who you are as a mum can be difficult when you are so focussed on caring for others. This is a really great tip

  3. mrsmummyharris86 | 15th Nov 16

    Awww this is so true! I’m struggling to juggle the old me and the mum me and finding a malgamation of the two is just difficult!

    • Lucy's Locket | 15th Nov 16

      It is difficult. My interest have changed these days so it’s not just finding me time it’s working out how I want to spend it too!

  4. Annette | 21st Nov 16

    This is so true. What a lovely wish to leave for you. A little bit of me-time, even just in the bath, is so important. Thank you for sharing with the #DreamTeam x

    • Lucy's Locket | 21st Nov 16

      It was my favourite, it really stood out to me among all the others. Thank you x

  5. Mummy Mindful | 21st Nov 16

    Very good advice! I always love the analogy about the oxygen mask. #mg x

    • Lucy's Locket | 22nd Nov 16

      Me too, it’s a good one! Thanks for reading x

  6. mackenzieglanville | 26th Nov 16

    Just beautiful, sounds like a friend who is very wise! Great advice especially for new mums too, it is so easy to loose ourselves as a new mum. Well as a mum of kids any age actually. #mg


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