Remembering my own advice … notice the little things 

I’m sitting at the train station waiting for the train to work. This is the first minute I’ve had to myself since I left the office on Friday.

It’s been a long weekend. Lilly hasn’t been herself since Thursday – poor sleep, off her food, high temperature and a rash. As a result she has been either attached to my hip or my boob all weekend (I can add some new places to my list of unusual places to breastfeed – on the verge of the road outside the shops, in the strawberry fields, on the pier at the duck pond). Jack has been painting our new extension all weekend so I’ve barely seen him. I don’t think we’ve had a real conversation since Thursday.  We finally stopped at 7:30PM last night only to get a call with some terrible family news. Then Lilly woke up. Ahhh. Deep breaths!

I hate these weeks. I really despise being ‘busy’ like this, but when illness is involved it’s just a fact of life I guess.

I should be preparing for this morning’s conference – I’m already half an hour late for work – but instead I’m writing this. I’ll take these 23 minutes to myself and I will relish them! I’m sure my boss will understand!

My reminder to myself this morning is to notice the little things. Nothing is actually that bad, it just feels overwhelming after the weekend of being ‘busy’ without actually doing much. So, 3 little things I’m grateful for today:

1. All the extra cuddles this weekend. As full on as it was, the weekend was full of real cuddles. Not quick sneaky cuddles while picking Lilly up, but real, snuggle her head into my shoulder cuddles. Those can be hard to come by these days!

2. Lilly and I managed to go strawberry picking with my brother and sister. I don’t see them as much as I should and it was nice to get outside in the sunshine.

3. Jack’s hard work around the house. As much as I would have liked him to have a day off, we really can’t wait to have these renovations finished and his work over the weekend means we’re one step closer.

4. I couldn’t stop at 3 – as always I’m grateful for my mum who has Lilly today. She came to our house this morning as Lilly fell asleep just before I was going to leave. I know Lilly will be as happy with her today as she would be with me.

Aahhhh. Some deep breathing, blasting Eminem in the car to the station (yes, really. His music is so therapeutic! Plus, I can be a super star rapper in the comfort of my own car! ‘Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears’) and a little vent, and I’m back to myself again.

Despite being up at 5am, there was no time for breakfast today, but I did manage to bring some with me (and eve had time for a quick snap shot, how’s that!). So I’ll enjoy this with a nice coffee and prepare for that meeting!


  1. Hazel | 30th Aug 17

    Now, had that been my weekend, I would have been less objective about it! And there have been PLENTY of less objective examples, I am sorry to say. That is something I have always admired in you, Lucy: an ability to see the bigger picture. ALWAYS! Even when the little picture could do with a workover! 😄I totally commend your ‘I will triumph’ attitude. I dare say that is your secret, and you will.😊 Hoping there is a bit more sleep for you in the near future.

    • Lucy Dickens | 3rd Sep 17

      THIS has been so lovely to read today. Thank you! It’s funny, I remember you saying to me a long time ago that I am good at seeing the bigger picture and every time I get myself into a predicament like this I remind myself of what you said. It helps me keep perspective. So, while I may be good at it, I have you to thank for pointing it out to me! xxx


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