legal services

Birman & Ride

I’m a Director of Perth-based law firm, Birman & Ride, a company who exists to help people simplify and solve legal problems.

I lead our non-contentious Wills and estates team to provide easy to understand succession and estate administration advice. As well as practising law, I bring together people, technology and processes to design and deliver our innovative legal services.

I work alongside my co-directors to ensure that Birman & Ride does two things:

  1. Deliver high quality services to help people simplify and solve legal problems.
  2. Create a supportive team culture fostering kindness, innovation and excellence.

our core values

What's important to us

We have three core values that govern the way we interact with our team and clients.

1. be kind

We’re compassionate, but firm when we need to be.

  • We care for each other
  • We communicate openly and with respect
  • We’ll tell you what you need to hear
2. we do things differently

Complacency is not our thing.

  • We innovate and implement technology to make life easier
  • We play to our strengths to empower and inspire
  • We’re agile, adaptable and not afraid to reinvent ourselves
3. strive for exellence

High standards are our way of life.

  • We take the time to do our best
  • We don’t mess around (on the serious stuff)
  • We’re always learning