The path to productised

Productised services let you simplify your business, escape the billable hour and do more of the work you love.  At the heart of this business model is purpose and meaning. An intentional, “design your life” approach that enables you to structure your business in a way that lets you live the life you want to live. 

This is what the journey looks like: 


We all know how traditional legal services look and feel. Lawyers deliver detailed and technical legal advice and assistance, sold in 6-minute units with an air of mystique and complexity. Lawyers and firms mostly cover a broad area of practice, saying “yes” to any requests that mean time can be recorded and billed. 


The first change in delivery of legal services is often the “packaging up” of legal services to be sold for a fixed fee.  Often, though, lawyers still calculate the fee based on time and do nothing to improve service delivery. This mis-match leads to time / price tension and results in feelings of disillusionment. 


Lawyers start to build systems and processes to streamline the delivery of their service packages. They recognise the benefits that come from delivering services in this way, so start to refine their niche and narrow their practice area.  


Productised services take customers from problem to solution in a systemised way.  Products are packaged solutions sold at a fixed price determined by value, not time.  

The focus is on solving problems and achieving outcomes, not on time, deliverables or outputs. 

Productised eco-system 

An ecosystem of productised services that all work together.   

A simplified business model where lawyers solve specific problems for specific people and do it in a specific way.  

Services sold based on the value they bring, not on the time they take to deliver. 

Well-designed systems let lawyers eliminate the grunt work and focus on work they love.  

The focus is on meaning – not just for those delivering the services, but for those buying them too. 

Ready to start your journey on the path to productised? Find out more about my coaching program Productise and Profit! or book a discovery call to learn how productised services can transform your business.  

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