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Do you want a more dynamic law firm model that is good for business and good for your life? There’s no denying that the legal profession is changing. Now more that ever is the time to challenge conventional thinking and come up with innovative ways to do business.

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It's Time To Do Law Differently

There’s a lot of talk about why the legal profession should change, but far less about how to actually do it. How do you take all the competing ideas and theories and translate them into a strategy for your firm? This book shows you how. 

In It’s Time To Do Law Differently Lucy shares her six-stage blueprint for transforming your law firm. Learn how to move from a traditional practice to a productised ecosystem and as a bonus, you might just get that quality lifestyle that you’ve been craving.

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I love turning ideas into practical guidance that others can enjoy and benefit from. I’d love to speak at your event and help your audience understand how they too can do law differently.

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