Aptum Legal helps clients resolve their disputes more effectively through project-based fixed pricing; systematically assessing legal and commercial risk and effectively managing a path to resolution. 

Director Nigel Evans has spent more than 11 years as a barrister, honing the skill of identifying, early, the issues that are critical to resolving a dispute. Nigel brings a desire to make meaningful change to the client experience and the way lawyers practise. 

Nigel and I talk about: 

1:44 we can’t create a better experience for clients unless we make a better experience for lawyers

4:09 trying to create a culture where people are challenging the way things are done

5:01 how Aptum live up to the culture code

5:35 creativity can be found in standardised processes

7:26 creating a team environment with no strict hierarchy

8:31 managing and measuring performance based on outputs and creativity, not time

9:40 a failing of OldLaw is the inability to analyse risk

11:34 how Aptum addresses it’s 5 objectives / founding principles

13:02 where technology comes in

15:37 innovation is just about meeting client objectives in new ways

16:41 what Aptum’s clients make of their new approach

18:37 what is “aligned pricing”

21:04 fixed price billing for litigation matters

24:45 running your own business and building a start-up is hard work!

26:26 Nigel’s parting advice – talk to people, be open and share what you’re experimenting with


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