Alex Solo is the co-founder of sprintlaw, an innovative law/tech firm for startups and SMEs. sprintlaw are transforming the way business legals are delivered by embracing technology, efficiency and simplicity.  

Operating online, custom-built automation workflows, employing legal consultants (law grads) and using lean startup and agile methodologies are just some of the things that make sprintlaw different.

Here’s a summary of the things Alex and I talk about: 

1:46 why sprintlaw is an online firm – and what does this even mean?

4:05 how do clients get started with an online firm

4:59 upfront payment of legal fees

5:26 staff (consultants) are not all lawyers

6:52 custom built automation technology

9:10 what tools are you using to build these workflow automations?

10:41 technology has enabled flexible working

11:46 how sprintlaw’s founders used lean startup and agile methodologies

15:31 stop planning, just go and do

16:06 what it means to be simple and easy

18:25 Alex’s top advice for doing law differently


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