Transforming business legals with technology, efficiency and simplicity (ep 2)

Transforming business legals with technology, efficiency and simplicity (ep 2)

Alex Solo is the co-founder of sprintlaw, an innovative law/tech firm for startups and SMEs. sprintlaw are transforming the way business legals are delivered by embracing technology, efficiency and simplicity.  

Operating online, custom-built automation workflows, employing legal consultants (law grads) and using lean startup and agile methodologies are just some of the things that make sprintlaw different.

Here’s a summary of the things Alex and I talk about: 

1:46 why sprintlaw is an online firm – and what does this even mean?

4:05 how do clients get started with an online firm

4:59 upfront payment of legal fees

5:26 staff (consultants) are not all lawyers

6:52 custom built automation technology

9:10 what tools are you using to build these workflow automations?

10:41 technology has enabled flexible working

11:46 how sprintlaw’s founders used lean startup and agile methodologies

15:31 stop planning, just go and do

16:06 what it means to be simple and easy

18:25 Alex’s top advice for doing law differently


Legal Service Designer | Podcaster | Consultant | Lawyer | Mother I wear a few different hats, but there's one common thread that ties them all together: simplicity. We insist on making life complicated, but we can live more meaningful lives when we know what is important and say goodbye to the rest. My skills in legal service design, process improvement and career/family juggle alike all boil down to an ability to make the complicated simple.

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