Katherine Thomas describes herself as “a sucker for lawyers and law firms”, having dedicated her career to working with them.  Katherine chose the legal business rather than the legal practice path and knows a thing or two about what it takes to thrive as a progressive law firm. She is the CEO of Free Range Lawyers, a business which matches lawyers who work remotely with law firms looking to flex their legal resource.  

Join Katherine and I as we talk about: 

1:19 you don’t need a legal practising certificate to shake up the legal profession!

1:49 NewLaw vs TradLaw approach to people

4:41 how Free Range Lawyers works

5:39 taking a more humane approach to address issues of wellbeing and mental health

7:10 what a Free Range Lawyer looks like in practice

8:40 why remote?

9:20 benefits of taking geography out of the equation

10:24 a focus on skills and outputs rather than inputs

12:10 the future of work and growing interest in portfolio careers

14:41 how flexible workers can help a business to grow – size vs scale

16:13 scale – being able to move up and down in response to demand in the market

18:17 contract and freelance lawyers force a business to face up to its processes and create efficiencies

19:37 Katherine’s perspective on challenge – any challenge is also an opportunity

20:04 addressing the change from seller’s market to buyer’s market

22:40 just get started with small changes. Take the first step

23:51 how to get in touch with Katherine and Free Range Lawyers


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