In this week’s episode, I’m joined by Joel Cranshaw, Director of Clearpoint Enterprises. Joel leads three businesses in the legal industry and every one of them is #doinglawdifferently. 

Clearpoint Enterprises is the parent company that binds together Clearpoint Legal, a general counsel services firm, Clearpoint Ventures, an R&D tax incentive advisory and Mode Law – a legal technology platform. 

As you’ll quickly learn in this interview, Joel is a true entrepreneur.  With each of his businesses, he’s identified a gap in the market and set about meeting it in way that puts the power back in the clients’ hands.  

In this interview, Joel and I talk about: 

  • the evolution of Mode Law, from recognising the need for cost effective transactional legal support to designing the technology that underpins the business 
  • the legal advice / legal information conundrum and Joel’s view that it isn’t such a problem after all  
  • using frustrations as opportunities for development 
  • how Joel has intentionally designed his businesses to enable him to live life on his terms. 

Joel and I recorded this interview in mid-March, just as the coronavirus crisis was beginning to unfold. Mode Law have now made their services free for all Australian businesses until September 2020. If you’re in need of essential, high-quality legal contracts and clear advice for your business, visit Mode Law to see how they can help. 

Thanks to Legalite!   

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