If you’ve ventured into the world of fixed fee pricing or been to any big legal conference in the last few years, chances are you’ll have heard of Matthew Burgess and his #burnthetimesheet crusade.  

Matthew co-founded specialist firm View Legal in 2014.  The firm specialises in tax, estate and succession planning, providing strategic advice to business owners and high net worth individuals.  Matthew is also a speaker, author and consultant. If you haven’t seen Matthew speak, find a way to be at his next event. He is a fantastic, engaging speaker and is generous with sharing what he knows.  

In this episode, I talk to Matthew about #burnthetimesheet (of course!) and also about scope, service tiers, automation and outsourcing and offshoring of legal work. 

Here’s a summary:  

1:52 #burnthetimesheet (yes, we dive right in!)

4:34 Embracing the good things that come from getting rid of time sheets

5:11 Working out what to charge – it’s a journey

6:57 Understanding the View Legal service guarantee

11:08 Pricing, scope and service level

13:18 Lessons learned from offering service levels

15:36 Using outsourcing and offshoring

20:50 Matthew’s advice for those wanting to do law differently – “It’s never too early”


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