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Who am I?

Author, Podcast Host, Speaker, Lawyer

I’m a lawyer and legal innovator with over a decade of experience in law firm transformation.

I share pragmatic, actionable thought leadership designed to help law firm leaders to reinvent legal practice and ‘do law differently’.

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It's Time To Do Law Differently

There’s a lot of talk about why the legal profession should change, but far less about how to actually do it. How do you take all the competing ideas and theories and translate them into a strategy for your firm?
This book shows you how.

Smaller law firm leaders by-and-large know they have to change the way they operate, what they need is the "how to". Lucy Dickens' six-step transformation process shows the way in plain language.
Dr George Beaton
Co-author of Remaking Law Firms: Why and How


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Ready to Do Law Differently?

Here are three ways I can help you with your law firm transformation journey.

01. Doing Law Differently Podcast

Discover how the world's most innovative law firms are Doing Law Differently.


02. Speaking & facilitating

Need a speaker to inspire new ways of thinking and motivate people into action?

03. Business coaching

Do you know you want to do law differently but don't know what or how to change? I can help.

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