I speak to lots of law firm owners who want to change the way they practice law, but who don’t know where to start. We’re bombarded with information about why the industry is changing, what the future of work will look like and how our clients are becoming savvy. This can lead to feelings of overwhelm – where do we start!? 

Fiona McLay’s advice is to start with what you have. Her firm, McLay Legal helps owners of law firms implement effective incremental change so they can better delight their clients. Its mission is to help lawyers thrive in profitable tech-enabled businesses that deliver more accessible legal services. 

Fiona joins me on the podcast to share her top 5 ways to get started with change by making the most of what we already have.  

Here’s a summary of Fiona’s advice: 

2:05 Fiona’s take on the challenges that are facing our profession – adapting to the pace of change

3:44 Potential to reshape our businesses so they are running with a business mindset

5:48 How those late nights spent formatting documents led to Fiona’s passion passion for change

8:15 Taking incremental change so we can just get started

8:58 Tip 1 – Look at everyday pain points – what bugs you and how can you do it better?

12:15 Tip 2 – Look at your processes

14:49 Tip 3 – Learn how to present data visually

17:19 Tip 4 – Practice creative thinking – get a hobby away from your day job!

23:45 Tip 5 – Focus on delivering what your client values

26:09 Fiona’s advice – part of your job is to learn something new about finding a better way to do what you do


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