Today’s guest is Ian Aldridge, Director & Principal Lawyer at Progressive Legal. Progressive Legal specialise in Intellectual Property, Corporate, Commercial, Workplace and Dispute Resolution – there’s not much they can’t do for a growing business. 

Ian recognised that many small businesses were playing Russian Roulette with their business by not seeking legal advice, so he established his firm to help.  

I start the conversation with Ian by asking him about his vision trying to understand what drives his vision. He told me he spoke to his customers and learnt that they cared most about cost, communication and care, three basics that, surprisingly, can make for quite a progressive firm! 

Here’s the highlights: 

3:08 I wanted to start the law firm with a fresh approach

4:23 Talking to the market to ask what they really wanted from their lawyer – why traditional law doesn’t, how Progressive Legal did, and what they gained

9:09 Cost, communication and care

9:23 Publishing costs online

12:46 Attract an audience with certainty of cost

14:46 Fixed vs value pricing?

17:41 Legal shield – front loaded retainer packages

22:51 Back to basics with communication

26:19 What does “care” mean to Progressive Legal?

30:42 Find something that makes your business unique, conduct some research and look at the statistics


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