Clarence Darrow’s now-famous words, “The trouble with law is lawyers,” have echoed down the corridors of time right through to the homepage of Hitch Advisory, the NewLaw firm that today’s guest has worked with since 2018. Join me today and meet Lazar Krstic, a commercial lawyer who was recently named one of Lawyers Weekly’s 30 Under 30. 

Lazar has one of those success stories that leaves you in awe. His pre-Hitch background saw him working exclusively in civil/common law litigation within giant, national-sized firms so when he joined Hitch two years ago, he was completely new to commercial law and especially surprised by the paperless life. Welcome aboard, Lazar! Now, he wins awards – a huge testament to the hard work and dedication he brings to his job.  

So, what’s so great about Hitch Advisory? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out the full story, but here’s a quick rundown: they’ve made themselves a total disruptor to the legal industry by modernising the practice of law from top-to-bottom. 

According to Lazar, they focus on the people at the heart of the business, whether it’s internally dealing with employees or externally dealing with their clients. Everything they do is pared back, yet bold and incredibly user-friendly.   

About mid-way through our conversation, Lazar tells me about the astonishingly simple technique they employ for communicating with clients and how far it can go towards making people happy.  

You’ll love what he has to say about Hitch and the life he leads with them, from saving time by embracing technology to fun, MasterChef-style retreats in nature. I’m especially into his mantra: do what feels right, even if it’s a little different. 

Some of the questions Lazar answers: 

  • What is a NewLaw firm and what makes Hitch one of them? 
  • Why do you still use billable hours, can they serve a good purpose? 
  • How did you win the 30 under 30 award?! 

About our guest 

Hitch Advisory is a full service corporate and commercial law firm with a focus on business law, based in Bondi Junction and to be moving shortly to larger premises due to sustained growth. 

They service both individuals and small-to-medium enterprises. They have seen their focus centre on the retail, hospitality, fitness and childcare industries but also a recent spike in general transactions – mergers, acquisitions and capital raises.  

Lazar is currently 4 years into post-admission experience and has been with Hitch Advisory since November 2018. He has been working with the partners in various acquisitions, intellectual property, litigation and dispute matters and the preparation of contracts, agreements and terms and conditions.  

Lazar Krstic quotes 

  • “There are a few systems embedded in the firm that allow flexibility. Covid-19 has helped but even before the pandemic, flexible hours were always part of what we did so if we had other commitments, we could do them.” 

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