Everything you ever wanted to know about working in a law firm (but were too afraid to ask)

Whether it’s your first work experience placement or a nine-to-five grad role, your first ‘real job’ in a law firm can be daunting.

You might not know what to expect, especially if you’ve never stepped foot in a law firm before.

To ease your mind, watch this webinar I presented for the College of Law, where I cover everything you’ve wanted to know about working in a law firm but were too afraid to ask, including:

  • Applying for a job – How do I stand out from the crowd?
  • Inside a law firm – Where do I fit in the hierarchy?
  • Your role – How do I make myself useful?
  • Communication – How should I address clients?
  • Clients – What will clients expect of me?
  • Supervisors – How do I make a good impression?
  • Self – How do I look after myself?

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