The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the way people live and work, and law firms are no exception to that rule. Many of us have seen increased working from home arrangements, more flexibility, better use of technology and a more sustainable work-life balance, while others have experienced a negative impact on morale, health and well-being and team culture.

Simon Tupman is a business speaker and mentor to professionals and professional service firms. He works with law firms from all around the globe and has recently carried out research to assess the impact of COVID-19 on law firms generally.

In this episode, Simon and I talk through his findings, looking at what has changed, for better or for worse, whether the changes are permanent or temporary, and what changes firms plan to make to their operations as a result of the events of the past 12 months. If you’d like to read Simon’s report, you can download the complete report here.

As always, I finish the interview by asking Simon for the advice he would give to someone who wants to do law differently. He shares some really insightful comments about leadership – why leadership in the legal industry is underdeveloped and more importantly, what we should do about it.

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About Simon Tupman

Simon Tupman is a business speaker, educator and mentor to professionals and professional service firms. He helps them make the most of their talents and those of the people they lead by changing mindsets to create breakthrough firms.

Simon speaks at industry events, facilitates high-impact workshops and retreats, and mentors professionals who are looking to energise their workplaces and put their firms ahead of the curve. One of Australasia’s most experienced speakers, he has been called on by clients in 13 countries over a 25-year career. He has helped thousands of professionals leave their mark on the world.

Simon is the author of Why Entrepreneurs Should Eat BananasLegal Eagles and Why Lawyers Should Eat Bananas. His work has been translated into Russian, Spanish and Portuguese. 

Find out more about Simon Tupman at his website here.

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