Discover how the world’s most progressive law firms and legal service providers are doing law differently.  

There’s no denying that we’re in an age of disruption in the legal profession. The old, established way of practising law is being questioned and rejected by both lawyers and clients.  To thrive in today’s market, firms need to deliver legal services in innovative ways, creating true value for their clients.  

Doing Law Differently explores how the world’s most progressive law firms and legal service providers are thinking outside the box and challenging the status quo.  From alternative fee arrangements, online solutions and new technology to innovative business models and unique service delivery methods, find out what NewLaw looks like from the inside.  

It’s easy to talk about why we should change, but the implementation is the hard bit. Doing Law Differently taps into the valuable knowledge of those who are walking the talk of NewLaw, focusing on the “what” and “how” of change and sharing tried and tested takeaways from those at the coalface.

Host, Lucy Dickens, is a lawyer based in Perth, Australia. She brings together people, processes and technology to design and deliver innovative legal solutions. Join Lucy in her interviews with forward-thinking leaders who share how they’re doing law differently. 

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