Step 4: Productise your services

I am loving sharing with you my six-step blueprint to Productise and Profit! Today I am ready to share step 4 of 6.

Here we go:

Step 4: PRODUCTISE your services

This is my favourite step in the Productise and Profit model. I could have written an entire book about this (in fact, I nearly did).

So, what is a productised service? It’s a hybrid between a product and a service. It has a pre-defined scope, a fixed price and a system for delivery.

Productised services make you easier to do business with by providing a clear and transparent solution to your client’s problem.

A pre-defined scope demonstrates your expertise – you’ve solved this problem so many times that you have a pre-prepared solution! A fixed price makes it easier to buy. And a system for delivery is the engine of your service – it means you can deliver an effective, high quality solution more time and cost-effectively.

Want to learn more? I’ve written a step-by-step guide in my book, It’s Time to Do Law Differently. Get your copy here.

This post is part of a seven-part series. Read the previous post, Step 3: Create amazing solutions.

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