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So as it turns out, blogging isn’t really my thing. I tried to make it stick, but it didn’t, so it’s time to try something else.

What is that something else? I’ve launched a podcast!

Introducting The Juggle Podcast!

Join my co-host Jo Alilovic and I as we share insights and advice from everyday career-life jugglers, employers and thought leaders to help professional women have a satisfying career and a fulfilling family life. We know that it is possible to have both and we want to help you do the same.

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I spent about the last 12 months wondering what I can do to take my interest in supporting career mums further.  I had lots of ideas, but stalled out every time I thought I had the right one. Imposter syndrome, anyone?

I’d toyed with the idea of starting a podcast. I had names and guests written down and had completed some online training, but I hadn’t actually done it yet. I met my co-host Jo at a Women Lawyer’s working group meeting just two months ago. She had very similar ideas and values as me about all things career mum  and had also thought about starting a podcast. Jo was further along than me, having attended conferences and workshops to get her podcast-host ready. We decided to create the podcast together and here we are!

I hope you enjoy the podcast. Do let me know what you think – leave us a review or join our Facebook group, The Juggle Community.



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