Do you truly understand how your customers want to do business with you?  Be honest – do you deliver services in a way that suits you, or a way that suits your customers? 

If you think you might be able to do better on this front, this week’s interview will provide some inspiration for you. 

Laura Vickers describes herself as a “mama doing her best to keep her clients and staff happy and make the law less shit.” Now isn’t that a description we can relate to! 

Laura is the founder of law firm Nest Legal, a firm that provides Wills/estates + conveyancing + a touch of family law for busy families.  

The way Laura builds her nest (ha! yes that’s as good as I get) is the definition of people-centric. From the way her services are priced, sold and delivered to the set-up of her office, her strategic business plan and staff reward systems – everything she does is designed around the people she does it for.  

Here’s the highlights: 

2:01 Why are Nest Legal becoming less digital

4:30 Understanding how customers want to do business

5:38 The importance of an ideal client

7:43 If we want to service these people, what else do they need …

9:40 Asking clients for feedback and what do customers think of this

11:39 Nest’s café menu of fixed prices

15:02 Handling scope creep

17:29 Custom engagements vs fixed price menu

19:29 20% increase in street presence from the café menu

20:51 It’s not all about clients – how to keep staff happy and build a great culture

22:58 If Laura had to start again she’d get a business partner

23:49 Nest’s strategic plan – people, systems and skills

26:26 “Put yourself in the shoes of the person you’re helping…”


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