Checking in amid COVID-19

Like you, my inbox has been bombarded with emails about the current world health pandemic. Like you, I’ve been feeling anxious, uncertain and scared about what the future might bring. Like you, I’ve been squeezing my babies a little tighter, playing a little longer and wondering how the hell we’re all going to make it through the coming weeks and months without the walls closing in. We’re all human, after all. 

Like you, I’ve also been busy implementing changes at our law firm. Remote working, new systems and processes to manage virtual meetings, staff training, strategy planning and marketing.

How are you holding up in this increasingly uncertain world? 

What plans have you put in place to help your law firm make it through?

Hopefully by now you’ve transitioned your business to one that works remotely.  I shared my advice for what to do next in last week’s podcast episode:

1. Find calm and strategise
2. Figure out your finances
3. Tune in to your customers
4. Find a support network

You can listen in full here.

Yes, we are in uncharted territory here, but don’t let that be an excuse to do nothing. Plan, prepare, strategise, create, pivot, talk to your customers, help them with their problems … you’ll be ready and ahead of the pack when we come out the other side. 

In the context of the global crisis, I’m taking a change of pace on the podcast. While “doing law differently” might be more important now than ever before, I’m going to use the next few weeks to share some practical strategies that will help you position your firm for success in the coming months.

If you have topics you’d like me to cover, get in touch.

If you need some guidance, I’m here to help.  I’m offering strategy sessions for the discounted price of $198 until the end of April. Book here.

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