In the context of the global crisis, I’m taking a change of pace for this week’s episode. While “doing law differently” might be more important now than ever before, I feel the need to acknowledge the pandemic that’s taking over the world and offer some words of support.

Like most of you, I’ve been gearing our firm up to work remotely, putting in place new systems, processes and checklists to make sure it all runs smoothly. On the podcast and coaching front, I took some time to pause and reflect and consider how I could best support you. I share details about my complementary and discounted coaching strategy sessions in the episode.

For today’s episode, I’m sharing 4 things you need to start thinking about now you’re set up to work remotely (because you’ve done that, right!?).

1. Get grounded and strategise

I want you to look for opportunity and then focus on action. Remember, we’re coming out the other side of this. Get ready for it – focus on where you’re heading, not where you’re stuck

2. Figure out your finances

Start with a cashflow forecast. Look at revenue and expenses and then to other financial support like government stimulus packages, finance and renegotiated payment terms for overheads.

If you need help, a good place to start is the Facebook Group, Don’t Waste a Good Recession, run by international business advisor, Jacob Aldridge. Jacob is using the group to share advice to help keep business owners calm, but with forward momentum.

3. Tune in to your customers

Organisations who are at the forefront of their customers’ needs will come out on top.  Work out what problems your clients are facing and come up with new ways to help them.

4. Find your support network

It’s essential to business survival, but also to your mental health. If you’re looking for support, check out:

Yes, we are in uncharted territory here, but don’t let that be an excuse to do nothing. Plan, prepare, strategise, create, pivot, talk to your customers, help them with their problems. You’ll be ready and ahead of the pack when we come out the other side. 


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