In today’s episode, I speak to Nick Mann, Founder and Principal of Polaris Lawyers.  Polaris Lawyers was formed in 2017 with a vision to create the most client-centric personal injury firm in Australia. They were named Best Law Firm at The Australian Law Awards last year and as far as Nick is concerned, they’re just getting started! 

Here’s a summary of the things we talk about: 

2:38 What drives Polaris’ vision to create the most client-centric personal injury firm in Australia

3:56 What does it mean for us to put ourselves in the shoes of the client

4:54 Client journey mapping and other ways to understand clients

6:33 Drafting and “mum testing” a plain English cost agreement

10:48 Do we double the vulnerability, or help the clients and rebuild trust?

12:38 Giving away information for free

15:38 Clients are comparing lawyers to every other service they engage with as a consumer

19:08 Running a paperless office and using cloud technology

22:47 Offering remote work in a substantial way

23:36 Polaris’ approach to teamwork, team values and goal setting

28:17 Are retrospective annual performance reviews really effective?

29:53 How technology fits in

33:26 Find likeminded people who are prepared to challenge you

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