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My number one technique for building successful legal products is to simplify. Simplify the product, simplify the process, simplify the pricing mechanism, simplify the marketing. Simplify everything.

We can create more value by doing less if we remove noise and focus our attention only on the parts that matter.

I learned about the five ones from business coach Taki Moore, who teaches the strategy to help coaches scale their businesses. The five ones is all about simplifying and paring back.

So many lawyers tell me they want to change they way they do law but they don’t know where to start. I say, start with the five ones.

Here’s how it goes:

One target market
Choose one type of person you want to help. I say this all the time, you can’t be all things to all people. Choose a single target market, preferably one that you enjoy working with!

One product
You need a single product. Something you can be proud of that will help your clients achieve their goals. I call this your marquee or hero product.

One conversion tool
One method for converting prospects into clients – a book, a one-on-one review, a webinar or event.

One traffic source
Think broader than “Facebook” or “Google”. Your traffic source could be paid advertising, partnership referrals or content marketing.

One year
Focus on all of the above for one year. Why? Because it takes a year to refine what you have to offer and to get good at doing it well. The aim is to implement, then tweak and refine until you get it right.

It sounds simple, but when you’re used to spreading yourself across a broad range of target markets, services, conversion tools and traffic sources, it can be hard to stick to one thing.

Give it a try. What “ones” will you choose?

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