As we automate repetitive, low-risk tasks, we free ourselves up to focus on high-risk matters or maybe even the stuff we enjoy most. But have we lost anything? What mindset do lawyers need to adopt in a technologically-driven, innovative business environment? And, importantly, what is the mental impact of increased automation?  

Today’s guest, Anna Lozynski, is an executive general counsel, change agent, author and committee member who sits on several advisory boards including She Breaks the Law, a global networking platform for female disrupters in the legal industry. When we recorded this episode, Anna was also the General Counsel for L’Oréal Australia & New Zealand. 

With a wealth of experience of not only doing law differently but talking about it and freely sharing resources, Anna brings insights and views that will be imperative to any lawyer seeking to learn how an in-house team functions within a large-scale, international brand and how the lawyers on that team are using their minds to adapt to a new way of thinking.  

In the episode, we talk about the nature of that mindset, the many ways in which you can implement it, the effects it can have on the way you practise and your approach to problem solving. As we chat, we really zoom in and out – from the mechanics of working in-house compared to working in a firm to the need for the legal profession at large to hum to the same tune – and cover the full spectrum of what it means to be a lawyer in 2021 and beyond. 

What Anna really pushes is that we, as lawyers, sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture and, to tackle that, we can actively and consciously strategise: 

“Workload is heavy, demands are always high, there’s never enough time in the day. So, I think if you have a mindset of being conscious about falling into those habits, that auto-pilot, then that’s when you create this magical space of something a bit more inspirational.” 

That’s the thing about mindset – it seems small, and it is, but it’s also huge. It’s about making minor tweaks in the way we think which add up to something meaningful. Just think of the importance of wording! Anna gives a lovely example of this through her take on labelling innovation as a ‘project’. For that, you’ll have to listen to the episode. 

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About our guest 

Anna Lozynski is an executive general counsel, author and advisor. Starting out at a major Australian law firm, she has spent the majority of her legal career in-house working in the banking, automotive and cosmetics industries.  

She believes innovation is invigorating, change is energising and efficiency will never go out of fashion. And that it all starts with a progressive mindset.  

Since launching her first e-Book, Legally Innovative in 2018 (as a side hustle) and subsequent products, building an online following and being named as one of APAC’s Top 10 Most Innovative Lawyers by the Financial Times, amongst other awards, the requests for transformation support and advice have been flooding in from across the globe.   

Having served 8 years in her last role, in 2021 Anna has stepped away from her corporate career, is embracing the future of work, and taking what feels like a natural next step of become an entrepreneur on a mission to help the legal and corporate worlds to adapt to the digital age.  

She is an Advisory Board Member to Mys Tyler (a fashion tech startup), She Breaks The Law (a global female innovator network), and sits on the CLOC (Corporate Legal Operations Consortium) Australia Chapter.  

Described as a change agent, Anna is a sought-after commentator, mindset coach and consultant both domestically and internationally – seeking to shift the dialogue in order to propel the corporate world forward. 

You are invited to join Anna’s community @legallyinnovative and LinkedIn as well as @annaloz on Clubhouse. Anna’s products are available from https://annalozynski.com 

Anna Lozynski quotes 

  • “Workload is heavy, demands are always high, there’s never enough time in the day. So, I think if you have a mindset of being conscious about falling into those habits, that auto-pilot, then that’s when you create this space of something a bit more inspirational.” 
  • “Share, humble brag even, if it serves you. Who cares? It’s just shedding light on innovation to try and counteract some of the fear-based thinking that can come with doing law differently.” 
  • “Without an open and progressive mindset, innovation can become all the negative labels that we know are out there.” 
  • “As lawyers we’re so trained in focusing on the risks and that thinking is so ingrained that sometimes we can lose sight of the bigger picture.” 
  • “Starting is the most difficult part. Talking about a problem without acting to break it down a little bit and make it feel less hairy and scary – that’s the beginning.” 

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