There’s no fun jingle today because I’m just stopping in to quickly let you know two things.

First, there’s no new episode this week – I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on my new book – but the good news is that it’s now in the hands of the printers. I’ve got lots of interviews lined up in the coming weeks so we’ll be back on track with some DLD goodness for you next week.

The second thing – far more exciting – my new book It’s Time to Do Law Differently: How to Reshape Your Firm and Regain Your Life is now available for pre-order in Australia. You can get your copy here.

I’m so excited (and, let’s be honest, slightly terrified) to share this book with the world. It’s the result of years of work pulling together what I know about building a modern law firm. 

What I see all the time is that law firm leaders have so many ideas about how to change their firm, but they are missing the roadmap – the piece of the puzzle that pulls all the loose ends together and tells them what to do and in what order. That’s exactly what my book does — it  takes all the competing ideas and theories and translates them into a strategy for your firm.

In It’s Time to Do Law Differently, I share my six-step blueprint for transforming your law firm. Learn how to move from a traditional practice to a productised ecosystem and as a bonus, you might just get that quality lifestyle that you’ve been craving.

The book is being printed as we speak and will be ready to ship to you in early November.  Pre-order your copy now for $29.95 plus postage and be the first to get your hands on a copy.

If you’re listening from overseas, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you. If you are super keen to get your hands on a copy, send me an email and we’ll work out your shipping, otherwise, come mid-November the book will be available on Amazon for you to order wherever you are around the world.

See you next week for some usual DLD fun.

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