Step 2: Deeply understand your clients

Last week I announced I’m doing a 6-part mini-series to help you understand the journey to reshape your firm and regain your life. Here’s number 2 in the series.

Step 2: Deeply understand your CLIENTS

The most successful business ask themselves this one simple question: “How am I solving my customer’s pain?”

I love this meme and share it every time I speak about this concept.

Before you consider what you’re going to sell, you need to have a really good understanding of your customer’s problems, fears, wants and aspirations.

Think about:

  • Who do you help (your ideal client)?
  • What are your ideal client’s psychographics and demographics?
  • What is their biggest problem

And importantly, ASK them. Don’t assume.

This post is part of a seven-part series. Read the previous post, Step 1: Find your vision.

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