Today I’m joined by Carly Stebbing, Principal and Founder of Resoltion123 – an online law firm for employees.  Carly is passionate about making justice accessible to the average Australian. She established Resolution123 to employment law quick, simple and affordable for employees.  

I approached Carly as a guest on the show because I was interested in learning about her online web app – a clever online tool that allows clients to upload information about their circumstances and find out if they have a claim. As well as this, Carly shares a wealth of knowledge about running a legal practice as a business in the true sense of the word. She shares how she saw a gap in the market and worked out how to service it and is a prime example of what a client centric approach really looks like. 

Here’s a summary of the things we talk about: 

3:03 The 3 steps to Resolution123 – assess, assemble, accelerate

3:19 First of a kind web-app that replaces a lawyer’s initial consult

5:10 Tackling the access to justice crisis by providing services to the “missing middle”

8:13 Why we shouldn’t automate everything

9:41 The value of niche positioning

12:15 Behind the scenes – how the work gets done (hint: there are real humans!)

15:25 How Resolution123 can provide legal services for less, and why they choose to

18:31 Points of difference in the client engagement process

21:02 Retraining staff who have come from traditional law

24:13 Learning some business savvy!

25:55 The start-up mindset

26:52 Concentrate on the “why”

Shout out to Legalite 

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