Today’s episode is a change of pace, with me giving you some insight into the behind-the-scenes action that’s enabled me to write my very first book. This is a huge milestone for me, it’s years in the making and I’m very proud of the end result. 

It’s Time to Do Law Differently: How to Reshape Your Firm and Regain Your Life by me, Lucy Dickens, is ready to be published in October 2020. You can register to be the first to know when it’s available for pre-order by signing up at www.lucydickens.com.au/Book   

I’m doing this episode – and will do a couple more in the coming weeks – because my inbox has seen a lot of interest in writing books generally; the process, how it works, why I did it, etc. So, for those of you who are thinking about doing it yourself or are just curious about my writing process, listen to this episode.  

I give a broad overview of what my book is about, why I wrote it and how I dealt with the overwhelm of writing 40,000 words. It’s a big undertaking – getting all the stuff in my head into one place – so it has truly been a journey.

Stay tuned!  

Lucy Dickens quotes 

  • Pushing through the self-doubt, imposter syndrome, confidence crisis has been a massive exercise in personal development for me. 
  • I don’t believe in the mantra ‘make your business run without you’ because people do want to be involved in their business, but they want to do it on their own terms. Run your business and don’t let it run you. 

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