I’m joined by Rose Cocchiaro, an accredited family law specialist and the passionate driving force behind Resolve Divorce.  

In this interview, Rose and I talk about the approach her firm takes to family law – she calls it the Resolve Way – and it’s a refreshingly forward-thinking and very human approach.  Rose encourages her clients to focus less on what happened in the past and more on what the future holds for them. 

Rose says she founded Resolve Divorce as she was compelled to right the wrongs she witnessed from years of litigation. She believes in supporting the community to demand more from their legal experience during divorce and aims to help nurtures the overall wellbeing and personal growth of people and their families. 

You’ll hear Rose’s enthusiasm for her work throughout the interview. She really is living proof of the success that can come from being client focused – making it about them, not you and not being driven by the bottom line. 

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