I’m joined today by John Farren, workplace and employment lawyer and co-founder of Farren McRae Workplace Lawyers and Consultants. John left life at the bar to establish his business after finding the barristers’ rules to be too restrictive to let him help clients in the ways he saw best. 

Since then, John’s been #DoingLawDifferently in his completely virtual firm, offering both legal and consulting services alongside his wife Alison.  

In today’s episode, John and I talk about: 

  • why John left the bar and his views about whether the bar is over-regulated 
  • Farren McRae’s unique approach to workplace investigations and management consulting 
  • what technology Farren McRae use – when it is good and not so good and why robots won’t replace us just yet! 
  • how John’s business has been affected by COVID-19 
  • the use of social media to promote your reputation as a sole practitioner. 

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