Melissa Lyon is a Business Development and Innovation Specialist committed to ‘changing things up’ in the law.  She has many years of experience in legal practice, including as partner of a law firm, and now works with Hive Legal, an innovative NewLaw firm. 

Melissa has become a bit of a guru in applying design thinking to legal innovation and generously shares her knowledge and experience with the profession. 

Here’s a summary of the things we talk about: 

2:34 That awesome job title – “Business Development and Innovation Specialist”

3:51 Innovation comes from everywhere

5:10 Let’s tackle design thinking … what is it?

6:09 HiveThinkP – improving the experience for clients and team members

6:40 3 parts to design thinking – part 1 – empathy

7:31 Part 2 – collaboration

10:03 Part 3 – experimentation

11:00 The design thinking process

12:59 “Build to think”

15:19 You have to live with ambiguity

16:23 Design thinking in action – document design example

24:06 Understanding “Designer Firms”

29:35 Why you should start again …


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