LOD is one of the original alternative legal services providers, so of course I wanted to have them on the podcast! But where to start with one of the world’s largest and fastest growing legal, risk & compliance services businesses? 

I decided to start local and stick with Australia and to focus on an aspect that surprisingly we haven’t touched on much yet – technology! 

I’m joined by both Amanda Fajerman and Claire Vines, two of LOD’s superstar employees. Officially, Amanda is Head of Legal Technology and Claire is Head of Research and Development, but they team up to provide a whole new level of greatness! 

I was in my element talking tech, workflow and automation with these ladies. We unpack the buzzwords around technology (what really is AI?) and answer those all important questions, like whether our jobs will be replaced by robots!  

Here’s a summary of the things we talk about: 

0:39 Skip intro

1:04 Introducing the original alternative legal services provider

2:38 Who are LOD and what do they do?

4:42 AI is a buzzword – what is AI today isn’t AI tomorrow

5:17 What does AI mean at LOD?

9:50 Designing legal workflow, document and contract automation

13:23 The technology trap

15:40 Convincing clients that software alone isn’t the solution

17:41 Developing the business case and getting buy in for technology

19:05 Case study time!

22:00 You should not be doing anything that a computer can do for you

23:28 What technology are LOD using?

24:13 Launching LOD365 – using the technology that a business already has

27:14 Advice for people who want to do things differently


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