Hands up who wants to increase productivity, reduce stress and increase staff engagement? 

Let’s be honest, show me a business owner who doesn’t want these things. 

But what if I suggested that the answer was as simple as letting your staff work a 4-day week while paying them for 5 days.  

Tina McAulay of McAulay Legal has done just that. Tired of the traditional law lack of flexibility, and an experimenter at heart, Tina decided to join the global #4dayweek movement. She closes her firm one day a week and lets her staff have the day off at full pay. 

I talk to Tina to learn the why, what and how of the 4-day week in her firm. As you might guess, that conversation is very closely linked to the way McAulay bill their clients. Hint: they don’t charge by the hour! I think you’ll love what Tina has to say about pricing and she’ll leave you feeling inspired to take action in your firm too. 

Here are some highlights: 

2:45 The 4-day week at McAulay Legal

3:48 Why a 4-day week?

5:47 The whole firm shuts down on a Wednesday

6:51 Sending a message: “We care about our staff”

9:25 Measuring the impact of the 4-day week

11:47 Why pay 5 days for working 4?

14:13 It doesn’t matter when work gets done, it just gets done

15:04 What does value pricing look like at McAulay Legal?

17:25 What getting to know customers really looks like

19:40 Value pricing is an investment

20:47 Tina’s advice: research and talk to people


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