Would you bake a cake without a recipe?

Would you bake a cake without following a recipe?  

Maybe the answer is “yes” if we’re making a Victoria Sponge, but what about a Baked Alaska? A Soufleé? Crème Brûlée? 

There’s plenty that could go wrong. Accidently melting the ice cream. A little yolk in the egg whites. Over beaten eggs. Overcooking the edges, undercooking the middle. Opening the oven door just a little too early. Setting the kitchen on fire as you try to torch the sugar … ok, you get the idea.  

There’s a simple reason we follow a recipe when we bake. We want to achieve the best outcome in the most effective way. When we follow a recipe, we get the benefit of the lessons learnt by those who have come before us. Those who realised the importance of adding the ingredients in just the right order, of not leaving the mixture on the bench for too long and making sure the oven door stays shut! 

Now consider your legal work.  

How often do you follow a recipe for your work? Before you get started on a new matter, do you look at your ingredients list and read through the method so you know what’s up ahead? Or do you dive in, whisk at the ready, hoping for the best.  

Systems are the business equivalent of a baking recipe.  Effective business systems are the difference between a business that rises and one that sinks. Which cake will you choose?

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