Happy new year!

I’m kick-starting 2020 with a solo episode with my reflections from 2019 and some thoughts to start you on the right track with 2020.

The two themes that come to mind when I reflect on 2019 are collaboration and customers.

1:46 Collaboration and the power of asking

3:02 Customers – The Age of the Customer and the key to business success

As for 2020, here are 3 mindset shifts to think about that will set you up for the year:

4:36 Sell solutions, not time

Client’s don’t want to buy legal services. What they really want, is the result that your services help them to achieve. They want the outcome.  

6:35 Work hard once

Although we’re often described as a profession steeped in tradition and precedent, when it comes to knowledge management, we often let slip. We work with information, much of which is in our heads. What we don’t do so well is record that information in ways that let us use it time and time again.  

8:40 Find your niche

It seems counter-intuitive to design services that appeal to a small, specialised section of the population, but a narrow focus on core business sustains profit and growth.  

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