“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci 

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m all about the simple life. Not the reality TV type (who remembers Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie!?), but the type that encourages a focus on things that are important and eliminating the rest.  

Marianne Marchesi feels the same way about legal services. Her firm, Legalite, aims to simplify the practice of law.   

In less than two years, she has proudly led Legalite to become a recognised market-leading law firm in the business and franchising space.  

Legalite has a strong focus on client relationships and delivering value that exceeds client expectations. So much so, that for two years in a row, Legalite was named Australia’s Best Law Firm in the NAB Professional Services Awards – an award judged entirely by clients.   

Marianne joins me on #DoingLawDifferently to talk about: 

  • what simplified legal services mean to her; 
  • her new service, Legalite Horizons, offering principal-level lawyers the infrastructure to run their own practice; 
  • her approach to wellness at Legalite. 

Here are the highlights: 

1:50 Simplifying legal services – where to start

4:09 Fixed fee is just the start. What comes next?

5:15 Legalite Counsel – outsourced legal in-house team that is tailored to each client

9:20 How to tackle scope creep on fixed fee matters

11:10 Introducing Legalite Horizons – offering principal-level lawyers the infrastructure to run their own practice and keep the lion’s share of what they bill, all whilst remaining fully supported

15:34 Legalite’s wellness initiatives – flexible work, team meditation, Friday gratitude circles , daily wellness tips

19:14 The business case for wellness initiatives

21:45 Marianne’s advice for doing law differently – “go back to your values”


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