As the world slows down and isolates, my focus in our law firm has been changing some of our systems and processes to enable remote service delivery. Process improvement is my super power, and having good systems in place is even more important when all of a sudden your team is working remotely. It’s not so easy to pop your head up and ask a question of a colleague when you’re all in your own homes.  

In today’s episode, I talk you through my 7-step process to sort your systems and share an insight into the changes I’ve implemented in our law firm over the last week. 

  1. Identify   
  2. Map  
  3. Review  
  4. Eliminate  
  5. Simplify   
  6. Automate  
  7. Delegate   
  8. And a bonus step (that will probably become a regular) – Train   

If you need help sorting your systems or planning your next steps in light of COVID-19, I’m offering discounted coaching sessions for the month of April. Find out more here


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