Business first, law second. That’s the approach that Michelle Bomberger takes with her clients and also her law firm, Equinox Business Law Group.   

Equinox become an extension of their clients’ management team at a fixed monthly cost. They develop a true understanding of their clients’ business goals and appetite for balancing risk and reward – recognising that this is much broader than just the legal issues, involving personal, emotional and financial dimensions. 

On the podcast:

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2:14 Equinox is a metaphor for Equinox law way they do business

3:29 What it means to be a business person first and a lawyer second

5:21 Measuring productivity when we take billable hours off the table

7:36 How to get lawyers thinking about project management

9:57 Equinox becoming an extension of their clients’ management teams

12:50 Building a depth of knowledge about their clients

14:46 Clients have business issues, not just legal issues

16:15 Managing workload on a fixed fee retainer

19:23 The challenge of educating new people about a new way of thinking, working and engaging legal advisors

20:38 Managing risk when focusing on solutions

22:36 Asking for and responding to client feedback

24:47 Understanding the engine of your business – what are the drivers of profitability and success


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