Does your firm have its own manifesto? Helix Legal does, and if you’re interested in making law better, their 5 “New Breed Rules” are worth noting. 

Helix Legal was founded in 2016 by Janelle Kerrisk. Helix is a multidisciplinary practice, combining the power of the law with commercial insight and industry expertise to help position their clients for success. 

Janelle talks us through the New Breed Rules and explains how they infiltrate everything they do at Helix. We also sidetrack into a snapshot look at Janelle’s progression from BigLaw to NewLaw. 

On the podcast:  

2:08 A manifesto: New Breed Rules

2:23 Rule 1: Do not live and die by the billable hour

4:37 the balance between staying true to your values and adapting to client needs

4:42 Tracking the profitability of work without time billing

8:00 How, when and why Helix use retainers

9:29 Project planning to match the way their clients do business

11:20 Explaining variations to scope of work

13:36 Rule 2: Use technology to drive excellent client solutions

14:40 Using technology to provide a competitive advantage …

15:29 … but technology can also be used to enhance a lawyer’s experience of being a lawyer

16:35 Rule 3: Build business assets that benefit our clients

19:00 How Janelle organises time between business development and legal work

20:38 Lawyers have accepted that a certain amount of misery comes with the job, but it doesn’t have to be that way

26:23 Lawyers be great business people, run a profitable practice and still be happy

27:23 Rule 4: Use the best talent for the client’s Project

30:14 Rule 5: Forget the corner office and embrace real collaboration

31:41 Co-working spaces in the modern age

33:33 Unless you’re clear on your strategy, it is easy to be pushed back into the box of the norm

35:01 Be brave!


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