I met Zinta Harris at her book launch in late 2018 and I was struck by her caring nature that infiltrated every aspect of the night. One thing that stuck with me was how much thought Zinta had put into what she could do to help her clients feel comfortable and welcome during one of the most difficult times of their lives. Zinta gives each of her clients a little gift that has nothing to do with law, but that acts as a symbol to demonstrate that she cares about them as humans, not just about their legal issues.  

That gift is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Zinta’s approach to law. 

Zinta is the owner of Resolve Estate Law, an estates law firm that specialises in brokering peaceful resolutions to family disputes over inheritance.  Zinta’s firm is the first in Australia to offer a specialist collaborative wills and estates service to provide grieving families an early stage dispute resolution option to keep their dispute out of court. 

Here’s a summary of the things we talk about: 

0:24 skip intro

2:16 Learn more about that special gift Zinta has for her clients

3:26 Encouraging client to think about what matters more than the legal issues

5:33 Law is portrayed as a harsh profession

6:06 What does it mean to offer holistic support to clients?

8:14 The client response to a big picture approach

10:44 Taking a collaborative approach to wills and estates

14:13 What a collaborative approach looks like from the client perspective

16:49 Training other professionals in collaborative practice

17:49 Collaborative practice isn’t just good for clients, it’s good for lawyers too


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