Demetrio Zema founded Law Squared after he recognised that his peers were starting new business ventures without legal support. He set out to change this by building a business that would partner with its clients to provide legal support in a proactive and cost-effective way. Not only did he do this, he also established what has since been recognised as Australia’s most innovative law firm.  

We couldn’t possibly cover everything there is to know about Australia’s most innovative law firm in 30 minutes, so we focus on 3 things: how Law Squared put their clients at the centre of everything they do; the firm’s independent advisory board; and how Law Squared are embracing technology. 

0:23 Skip intro

1:02 “Forget everything you know about law firms. We’ve found a better way.”

3:15 A shift in pricing method that leads to a whole business model change

4:28 Having the conversation about price

7:12 Law Squared is built for lawyers first and clients second

8:49 Clients want an easy engagement process, but most professional services make difficult barriers to entry

9:49 Use of technology at Law Squared – technology is just an enabler

12:37 Law Squared as a service

14:21 A problem with selling legal documents online is that clients don’t actually know what they want

15:15 Other reasons why Law Squared won’t sell legal documents online

18:26 Law Squared’s independent external advisory board

20:36 The need to take advice from people outside the legal profession

23:48 What’s next for Australia’s most innovative law firm


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