Emma Heuston is the founder of the Remote Expert, Australia’s first law firm specialising in remote work law. The Remote Expert helps startups and small and medium enterprise business to get their documents, agreements, processes and policies right.  

Emma has established her legal business as a micro practitice, operating solo and working in a very narrow area of law. Unlike most BigLaw firms, Emma doesn’t have a fancy city office or boardroom table. Instead, she operates her practice virtually from a regional location in far Northern New South Wales. 

Emma shares her advice for lawyers who are considering setting up practice on their own and her top tips for overcoming that dreaded imposter syndrome. 

Here are the highlights from our conversation: 

0:23 skip intro

1:56 Operating as a virtual business from far Northern NSW

3:51 A virtual business means no geographical barriers

6:58 What is a micro practitioner?

8:15 Resisting the temptation to take on work outside the niche

9:21 3 tiers of service

11:48 The spectrum of service level – DIY to full service

13:59 The grey area between legal advice and legal information

17:43 Don’t be in a rush to go out on your own

19:01 Finding confidence to embrace who you are


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