I’m joined by Rachael Hempling, barrister and mediator at The Separation Place.

The Separation Place is an online platform to assist families with plain family law information, tips on positive communication skills and access to affordable online mediation services.

As well as offering traditional mediation services – both online and in person – Rachael has developed a series of online courses that give separating couples the skills and the tools they need to DIY some of the legal aspects around separation.  Coupled with Rachael’s approach to resolving family law issues, The Separation Place provides a unique approach to family law.

In this interview, Rachael explains why she created her online courses, how they work and how they differ to the traditional approach. You know I like to focus on the “how”, so we also talk about how Rachael designed and built the courses, including what tech platform she uses, how she decided what to charge and how she is adapting her service in response to her customers’ needs.

Here’s the highlights:

2:00 How The Separation Place evolved when Rachael identified ‘the missing link’

7:22 How the online courses – Family Matters and Money Matters – work

9:33 Improving access to legal resources in regional areas

12:28 Unpicking the mediation process and finding user friendly technology to host the course

15:21 Why a course?

16:55 The pricing process and simplifying the service offering

22:00 Changing focus from targeting the public to forming partnerships with lawyers who provide complementary services

28:49 Rachael’s advice for someone who wants to do law differently – “Why not?”


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