How often do you think about purpose? Not just your own, but your clients’ too?  

Having a “purpose higher than profit” is top of the list of selection criteria for Sarah Bartholomeusz, founder of You Legal. 

You Legal provide top-tier corporate and commercial legal solutions for medical and allied health professionals, manufacturing, and technology. They deliver services with a commercial approach, understanding that clients need more than just a legal answer to achieve their vision and goals. They choose only work with clients who have a purpose that is higher than profit – those who want to make a difference in the world.  

As for their employees, You Legal staff have complete autonomy over their time and effort, choosing when and where they work. As a result, Sarah knows a thing or two about managing a remote and flexible workforce.  

Here’s a summary of the things Sarah and I talk about on this week’s podcast: 

2:05 What was the transformation that Sarah wanted to see when she founded You Legal?

4:23 Creating a flexible workplace culture across the world

7:10 Managing performance of a remote team

9:37 Key technology tools used to connect a remote team

12:21 Writing books and giving away information for free

13:51 Having a purpose higher than profit

14:47 Helping clients get to know us before they engage us

17:29 Sarah’s advice to those who want to do law differently – get clear on your values and purpose and get enough rest!


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